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AWJ3015 CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine
AWJ3015 CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine


i. All motion parts are tightly protected against water and dust, the casing of the CNC cutting platform is totally stainless steel.
ii. The computer can accurately remember and restore the position of processing point when power cut occurs in the process of cutting.
iii. The fully-automatic lubricating system does not need any manual operation, automatically lubricating all movement components.
iv. Water level control to perform cutting underwater, splashless and noiseless. (optional)
v. Hydro forcing the settled sludge toward all directions during the cutting, and sucks it from the pre-embedded pipelines into the sludge removal system, greatly saves the cost due to manual operation and machine stop time. (optional)
vi. Use air pressure to continuously, stably deliver abrasive from an externally-mounted bulk to the cutting head. (optional)
vii. Suitable to cut all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous material.


Machine Type Gantry Machine with one cutting head
Longitudinal drive ABBA or TBI precise ball screw, ABBA or HIWIN linear guide-way
Transverse drive ABBA or TBI precise ball screw, ABBA or HIWIN linear guide-way
Z-axis drive Precise linear slider stage
Effective Cutting Width 3000mm
Effective Cutting Length 1500mm
Maximum Work Piece Weight 4000kg (500kg/m2)
Maximum Travel Speed 18,000mm/min
Maximum Working Speed 15,000mm/min
Power Supply 415V (3 Phase), 50Hz
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