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ACTECH's Revolutionary innovation

As the Malaysia's (Registered Pioneer Status) CNC Cutting Machine Manufacturer, we always concern about customer benefits in owning our CNC machine tool CNC plasma cutting system. Mega Series is designed with unmatched features for those looking for value in a machine tool CNC Plasma Cutting System, Mega Sonic Series is built rigid design steel support structure c/w longitudinal and traverse steel profile connections and strong support plates for the cutting table and adjustable steel positioners on both the X- & T-axis to ensure fast & accurate plate placing & alignment with minumum distortion combined with industry's easiest-to-use operator interface.

ACTECH Mega Sonics Series Standard Specification

1. Gantry Machine with one Plasma Holder
2. Longitudinal drive: Stepper/Servo Motors (Dual)/Rack & Pinion/Dual Linear Guides
3. Transverse drive: Stepper/Servo Motor/Rack & Pinion/Dual Linear Guides
4. Position of operation panel: Left
5. Effective Cutting Width: 1500
6. Effective Cutting Length: 3000
7. Maximum Travel Speed: 12000 mm/min

CAM Softwares

ICAMŽ CAM Software
Plasma / Flame cutting process made simple!
ICAM offer by ACTECH is the easiest and simplest cam software in the market. Experience cutting programming by only few clicks and you are ready to cut. ICAM is easy-to-learn, with preset plasma / flame cutting tools. From our experience, most operators take only few hours to master ICAM.

CAMduct for Heating, Ventilation Air-conditioning Industry

Increase Production and Efficiency for Ductwork & HVAC Manufacturing Projects.

. Extensive database of ductworks fittings
. Fast and efficiency job entry
. Revolutionary "Green Nesting" improves efficiency
. Extensive reporting format & functionality
. Support for hundreds of machine tools
. Integrate with all MAP software application

Hypertherm Plasma Unit for Mega Sonics Series

Hypertherm designed and manufacture the most advanced plasma unit in the market, it offer your requirement from light to heavy-duty mechanized system.

. Powermax 65 1/2" capacity (12mm)
. Powermax 1650 3/4" capacity (19mm)
. Max 200 1" capacity (25mm)
. HyPerformance HPR 130 1 1/4" capacity (32mm)
. HyPerformance HPR 260 1 1/2" capacity (38mm)
. HyPerformance HPR 400 2" capacity (50mm)
*Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

NESTMASTERTM- Nesting and Process Optimization Software

NestMaster nesting software, for introductory conventional plasma and oxy-fuel applications, delivers best-in-class performance and reliability, yet is also incredibly easy to learn and use. NestMaster 's intuitive design allow the most inexperienced operator to comfortably work with the program, which typically can be fully learned within one hour-a fraction of the time it takes to learn the alternative systems.

NestMaster is Power Made Simple!

Mega Sonics Series

- No machine offers more standard features than us.
- High-Speed contouring.
- Fully programmable retract between parts.
- Automatic initial pierce height.
- User-friendly ACTECH's Controller.
- Precision dual X-axis, Y-axis with rack & pinion.
- Heavy duty all steel construction.
- Roller guide on each side for fast-easy plate placing.
- Fast & easy installation, and you can start cutting parts.

User-Friendly Operation

- Industrial controller Enclosure.
- Tool path display windows with adjustable speed rate.
- 17" LCD display with industrual keyboard.
- E-Stop, Plasma On/Off, Controller On/Off.
- 3D Compass function shows arrows depicting the direction of positive X, Y, and Z in the toolpath display.
- The feedrate can be manually overridden, in the range up to 300%.
- The jogging speed used with hotkeys in Continuous mode is set as a percentage of the rapid traverse rate.
- The elapsed cycle time for the current job is displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.
- Start from this line performs a dummy run of the part program and then prompts for a move to current position.
- Manual Data Input (MDI) has a single line for data entry.
- ACTECH's controller Remote Access Software makes the instant technical support via Internet.

Machine Features:

  Intelligent Digital Torch Height (IDHC)

ACTECH's IDHC originated from United States. IDHC is crucial to obtain quality cut and least dross. It uses plasma arc voltage as an input parameter converting to mechanical signal in order to achieve optimum constant height between nozzle and work-piece. This device has enhanced the cutting performances attaining less bevel angle, least dross and smooth cutting edges.

  Magnetic Plasma Torch Holder

ACTECH's Mega Sonics Series offers you the heavy duty Z-axis structure & magnetic torch holder which you can't find on other machine of its class. This is designed to minimize the damage of machine in case of collision between the cutting head and cut work pieces.

  Wastage Bucket

ACTECH's Mega Sonics Series features dual retractable wastage bucket making parts or wastage is easy to collect and clean.

  Roller Transfer

Making plate placing easier and faster with ACTECH's ergonomically design!

  Lubricating Oil Allot System

Lubricating maintenance to every single linear guide Block. We made this to easier operator's maintenance Job.

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