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NANO 1212 CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine

Nano 1212 CNC Cutting Machine manufacturing system was in place with highly efficient assembly line which allows a mass production. In consequence, we have reduced the production cost substantially. Yet, increase of production volume lead an increase of purchase bargaining power. The saving in purchasing in bulk becomes more significant accordingly to the drastic increase of machine that we produce.

While research and designing stage, one of the crucial factors is on delivery cost. Nano Series was designed as a ‘folderable’ machine which reduces the space of shipping case. This design solves loads of shipping problem and yet gaining in the drastic reduction of shipping expenses.

All these cost savings ultimately brought NANO 1212 CNC Machine’s price to unbelievable level.

CNC Cutting Machine
Nano with table
Benefits of the Cantilever Design
Nano1212 Cantilever Design is more flexible and user friendly. The Cantilever design provides the following benefits:
• ‘Folderable’
• Easier access to the head
• Fast set up
• Smaller footprint
• Ability to load oversized plates
• Easy unloading or part picking
Nano1212 Cantilever Design

• May install either plasma or flame (oxy-acetylene) torch
• Extruded aluminum profile as gantry structures.
• Linear motion guide for both x, y axes
• Rack & Pinion (Gear-Wheel) Transmission for X & Y axes
• May mount either plasma or flame torch
• Included cnc controller (interfaced with branded PC) which designed into a single suitcase
• CNC Controller Specification:17” LCD Monitor, keyboard, Optical Mouse, USB-Port, Hard Drive and 512MB RAM
• Uses F.I.A.-274D G-Code, Feed overrides on the fly, Manually run G/M code from MDI Screen (one line code). The input can be saved in a CNC File
• ‘Plug-n-play’ Interfacing between controller and machine
• Least set-up time
• Japan/USA Stepper motor & Drives for all axes
• Magnetic positioning device ease the machine relocation in just a ‘click’
• ‘Folderable’ gantry lead to space saving
• Lighter weight which ease shifting from one to another working site
• Wheeled structure designed let machine shifting with only one manpower
• Inclusive of ICAM Software (Licensed)
• Inclusive of Window-Based PC Controller with CMC4 Controller Software (Licensed)
• Z-axis motorized lifting station
• Intelligent Digital Height Control (IDHC)
• NANO Series Machine Table with Slotted slat support brackets

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Nano 1212 Specifications

Cutting table specifications
Cantilever machine with one plasma / flame holder
Longtitudinal drive Stepper / Rack & Pinion / Linear Guideway
Transverse drive Stepper / Rack & Pinion / Linear Guideway
Effective cutting width 1200mm / 48"
Effective cutting length 1200mm / 48"
Maximun travel speed 13, 000 mmm / min
Power supply 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 10A
CNC controller specifications
Actech PCD 1 pc based CNC controller (window based)
Screen 17" LCD
Accessories Keyboard, optical mouse, usb port, 1.44mb floppy drive
CNC language Uses F.I.A - 274c D G-Code
Jog Control X, Y & Z Axes; optional for z - axis
I-Cam software
Input Read CAD'S DXF, PLT files
Features Show cutting paths, rapid moves and path direction
Parameters Programmable kref width, plunge rate, feedrate, pierce delay, cut direction, lead-in and lead-out size.
Tool options
Plasma Capacity based on machine model
Flame Capacity based on machine model

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